Barageness represents a culture of speed, adventure and good times.

It started as an outlandish lifestyle with a bunch of adrenaline junkies with their motorbikes scouring for hard ridden miles and exploring the wilderness. Having met each other while riding some mountain trails, the blokes found common passion in all things good under the sun – beer, motorbikes, hotrods, racing legends, fighter jets & battle tanks.

What followed was hundreds of miles of hard riding, camping tales, garage stories with beer & barbeques.

Bikes & beers forged a bond between them former nomads and led them towards shacking up together in an apartment numbered 701. Knowing the only things they knew back then;…they set up the crib with one mentality – ‘Life In The Bar & Garage’, which ultimately became known as the mancave – “701Barage.”

Since then, all the rad times, memories & stories together are shared with a feeling that is “Barageness”. For us, Barageness is a feeling…A feeling of happiness, of tipsyness, of craziness, of togetherness, of thrills, of speed, of adventure and the feeling that resonates in the souls of all freespirits.

After a decade of the mad lifestyle, we now share that feeling with the world through our products.

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